Printing and dying fabric length

Now I have my chair sourced and the measurements of the chair. I now needed to crack on with dying and printing my fabric. I started dying 3 metres of fabric with the dye I had prepared yesterday. I was a little worried about dying this much fabric because it is a lot to handle and I was worried that I leave any lighter patches. I need a clean all over colour for my fabric, so I made sure I kept the fabric and water to moving to create an all over cover.

Once dyed and rinsed of all its remaining colour. The next step was to dry the length and iron it to the table ready to print. The longest part of this process was drying the fabric, which to a certain extent was good because it allowed me to prepare the next step but it was however a waiting game and with a deadline to get this chair upholstered over easter I was worried that I wouldn’t get my length printed.

I managed to get a lot done and got the first layer printed. The biggest challenged I faced with this was measuring where my next screen would go and getting my head around the whole process of creating a repeat pattern for print. I didn’t realise the time and complexity that would go into this, however it was important that I got my head around this now so that I can be prepared for next time and it was important that my print worked well for my product.

All that is left now is to finish off the final layer and then get my chair upholstered, ready for when we get back off easter.


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