It feels so surreal that I am at this stage reflecting upon this module, time has gone by incredibly fast, it’s been hard to say the least and very challenging. One of the biggest challenges I faced in Field was to change my project. I took a risk in potentially doing something that didn’t work and delaying myself even more time I addressed this problem professionally by taking a step back and analysed what was not working. I was able to recognise when something wasn’t working for me, even with people telling me to continue and push through the block, this enabled me to focus on what my strengths are, go back to basics and help me to understand myself better as a designer.  This is incredibly valuable, I knew something was not working and technically saved myself time in the long run, my energy is there in my urban streets theme, which means this will came through with my designs, portfolio, interviews and presentations.

As I reflect upon international greetings my style is apparent, finding that I love mark making textures and my go to tool is oil pastels but since the development of field, I am more passionate about designing for fabrics, I personally find that everything comes to life in fabrics. Designing for IG was a fantastic opportunity and I really valued outside/industry feedback, I became open to developing my designs and feel these regular meetings/visits gave me a good insight to industry. Originally there was a fear of graduating not knowing my identity and style, worried about the competition, but with the first hurdle in changing my project, I feel as if I can successfully sell myself as a print designer.

My skills and abilities to think outside the box have been tested in the stages of the exhibition, from screwing screws into the wall to showcasing my designs as I’ve not ever really been in the position where I need to set up a whole exhibition. I wanted to showcase my designs in a way that would create an overall urban contemporary theme, so this differed from the standard rails, making the decision to find something urban harder.  The decision of the mesh grid was a ‘meshing nightmare’ due to getting the right size. However, above all of this, the decision with the mesh grid worked well, giving a successful urban approach and through this decision with the mesh gird, I managed to learn new skills in the metal workshop, something that I never thought would be relevant to me, but quickly become useful and soon solved my problems with size. In this I learned to look at how other facilities around me can become useful within my discipline.

As well as recognising myself as a print designer, I have soon seen my designs in a new light, finding that I have developed and worked towards trends within fashion. My new development in CAD visuals have worked nicely alongside in replicating these trends, CAD visuals have been something I have forever struggled within the last week I have worked closely with my buddy and have since developed my struggle of CAD visuals into an achievement. Buddy week as a third year has been great, it has allowed me to share my journey and it has helped me develop my skills. This has been a great example of networking, and has since allowed me to appreciate the importance of networking and the benefits it can have to myself as a designer and to making connections for the future, which is a great skill for me as I go on to exhibit at New designers.

I have successfully managed my time with university deadlines as well as holding a job alongside, to manage both has allowed me to value time and work ethic, help to refine my professionalism skills, by valuing time it has allowed me to build a confidence in designing I’ve had to really focus on my strengths and that is what has helped me build confidence.

The thing I would have changed was to print my samples bigger, I am pleased with the prints and the outcome of the collection but I feel if the designs were bigger it would have enhanced and benefit the prints. However, although this is the end as a third year and my textiles degree, it is just the beginning as a designer and this is something I will take forward as I continue to design.

My dissertation has helped shaped my view as a textiles designer, I really enjoyed getting in to the depths of something important, my role as student ambassador for fashion revolution was an example of this and continued to make me realise the importance of sustainability in fashion and textile industry. I have always had an interest in sustainability and will always try to bring that within my work, whether that be from upcycling furniture to my influences of patterns and textures. But with the fashion revolution not being as much as a success as I’d hoped, it highlighted how much of a problem it really is and made my passion for it stronger and has pushed me to want to research further into a sustainability in fashion and textiles at Masters level. Just like everything thing I do counts towards a mark, everything I have done this year has influenced my decisions.

Third year was hard and I know it only gets harder from here, but I’m more than ready, that doesn’t say I’m nervous but i’m so excited for what the future holds.


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