Final layer completed

Finally the last layer of this length is completed and it is now ready to be upholstered. I am pleased I have managed to get this completed within in my own deadline. I did come across a few mishaps, finding that my design did begin to repeat diaganolly . This was because of my design, as they weren’t all perfectly round circles it didn’t repeat in a straight long length, however that is the nature of my design, my design is not pristine, each circle has character and even more so once printed by hand.

As much as a challenge this was, I am glad I have printed this all. I feel as if I have learn’t a lot in this process and I now defiantly know what to expect if I print any other repeat length. At the beginning I did feel as if I was diving straight into the deep end simply because I’ve never done anything like this before, but all in all it has worked well as it is a good replication of my croquis sample. I am pleased with my ability to carry something through to a repeat for a product, making my interior/menswear collection even more real.


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