Alternative colour – busy bee wrap


To work alongside my alternative colour coordinates, I worked on my key design. The busy bee wrap and this took a lot longer than I had anticipated because I had merged all my layers together it made it harder to amend them at a later date. Something I will now not being doing for the future because once something is merged and saved there is no editing it again. However I got there in the end and played around with new colours.

Admittedly I still prefer the original I feel as if it shows my style as a designer and the colours are a lot more bold and fun. However with that in mind not everyone will appreciate that colour palette so it was good to experiment bringing in more colours to the design and used more earthy tonal colours instead but I kept the black as it needed something to lift it and enhance the wrap all together.

final alternative colour wrap

Above is my final colour way for this palette. I’ve kept with the unrefined lines and the textures because without them it doesn’t have my style on the wrap. However I have enlarged some of the bees to give it that ‘busy bee’ theme.



Mark making amendments

The details of my original mark making design in black and white was fuzzy and pixelated so it was suggested that to prevent this from happening it would be ideal to work in large scale. So with this in mind, I worked larger.


The images above are the same designs just in larger scale. I then scanned these in and edited them using illustrator, using this illustrator instead of photoshop would allow me to create them as a vector and stop them pixelating. This did get rid of some of the textures that were originally in the oil pastels, however, the design is crisp and is now better quality.

new invert dot black

I am pleased I managed to get this sorted, originally I did think the first design was ok but as I compare this is better alternative.

Alternative colour palette

As part of my feedback I have introduced a new alternative colour palette for this gift wrap collection and today I have been continuing with this. With my new colour introduced it does create a different vibe than the original colour palette as this is a lot more feminine since I have been using lighter colours.

Co ordinates in pink and grey. I like this combination because its a lot softer in comparison to the original. With the background filled its not as harsh than what it is with a white background, as the filled background works well, I continued with having the background in colour.

Pink and orange combination, this is my favourite colour combination and will be using these as the coordinates for my key wrap design.

A combination of a grey and gold. I feel with this combination it doesn’t give the same effect. The grey is too dark with the orange so therefore will not use this as a coordinate and will stick with the pink and orange where it comes off the page a little more.


Seed packets

another part of my feedback for this subject was to develop my seeds. I decided to go with a standard shape for the seeds purely because I didn’t want to over use the the hexagon shape.

I decided to use the mesh fabric because you can obviously see the seeds inside and with it being a mesh it keeps urban and contemporary.

Seed Packaging

The next thing I wanted to develop in my bee mindful project was the seeds. I have since been researching into what I would like my seed packets to look like. I have decided on a fabric bag with a small header, with information on what to do with the seeds in the bag.

Above are a collection of the designs I have done for the headers, one in my alternative colour palette and the other set in my original colour palette. The idea behind this was to have a few different designs so each card would have a different designed seed packet in.

I enjoyed researching into packaging, it was good to see how this can be applied and as a textiles designer, this was defiantly a new route for me. These designs allowed me to look at my designs in a different light and see how they can be used for packaging. The yellow is my favourite because it has the most impact, but with the envelope already in yellow,  I decided to go the black dots. The blue I found made the writing hard to understand and with it being toned down it does not give the same impact.

Next I will sample the seed bags ready for the card!

Alternative colour envelopes

My feedback for subject mentioned I needed to introduce an alternative colour palette for my gift wrap deigns. So as well as this I carried my alternative colour palette into my envelopes. This colour palette was chosen in mind of those who have subtle colour palette taste as my original colour palette is bold, I thought this would be a good alternative.

Above are my envelopes in their colours. I like them because I think the colours suit with  the delicacy of a bee. Next is to incorporate the colours within my gift wrap!

Final card design

With my card finalised, today I spent the time printing these off. The difficulty I had was getting the inside of my card attached to the base, I was unsure how I was going to this, but after a little bit of thinking, the best decision was to attach it with small stitches.

I am pleased with how my cards have turned out, the yellow envelope really does have an effect on the design as a whole. If this was to be blue or red, it wouldn’t have the same impact because they are not as bright. The inside of the card I believe is the most successful because this is where the most information is held informing people the effect bees have on us and hopefully encourage people to plant the seed packets inside.

The thing that worries about me with this card is the front, I worry that it needs something more, so I am thinking about adding some gold foil just to the outline of the honeycomb. The gold foil would compliment the yellow envelope well and wouldn’t take away from he impact of the black and white. With the gold working well previously, I’m sure this will only develop the card.


I did experiment with a double sided envelope with a light honeycomb pattern inside, however with the same print on the outside and inside of the card, I decided that this was an overload of hexagon and figured the plain option would be most successful.