After day one of fashion revolution week I found that all the leaflets I put on the tables had gone. I can only hope that everyone had an interest in them and took them all, however I don’t feel as if this was the case. I have a feeling that they were moved on and disregarded as the women in the box cafe had told me to put them on selected tables because they were annoying. Which I suppose to a certain extent is true, I’m sure it all does add up into a pile at the end of the week but I had made a point about clearing it up at the end of the week and she still was unimpressed.

I felt a little deflated because I couldn’t get a team together and what I did manage to do on my own feels as if it was pushed aside. Its always a little disheartening that with something thats so important could be regarded as annoying, I only wanted to create an awareness about an important topic. However none the less, Anna was a great help with getting the video up and letting me use the chalkboard for short, yet interesting facts! And my Instagram post was a hit and some of the other girls in our year helped share links and posters on social media to appeal to a wider audience so I am thankful for that.

My Instagram post was just a photo of what I did towards a more transparent fashion and textiles. I had emailed Zara asking who made my clothes? Hopefully, this post also informed more people about who and what fashion revolution is!



Day 1 fashion rev

day one of fashion revolution and I spent my morning putting up the short video up in the heartspace. It’s on a continuous loop so I’m sure someone will take some thing from it!

As well as this I spent my time speaking to some of the first years about what they can do to help that shouldn’t take up too much of their time but would still be effective for transparency in the fashion and textiles industry. This involved giving them the step by step guide I have been talking about.

IMG_5385Above is the first fact posted on the chalk board of this week. Hand writing is not amazing, however i think you can still read it clearly. Tomorrow and the day after I will continue to write more facts.

its only been day 1 and I’m enjoying this, i really do feel as if I’m finding my feet in my kind of interests and style In textiles, finding that sustainability in fashion and textiles becomes even more important everyday!

Fashion Rev Video

fashion rev video

Fashion Revolution begins Monday and In preparation I have been creating a small video that will be played in the heart space and have attached the vide to this post for you to view. I have enjoyed creating this small clip because the video highlights the not so pretty side to textiles and fashion and I am genuinely excited for people to find out more because I just know how shocked people will be about the facts behind the scenes of the clothes we buy. Doing this video has got me excited about the conversations that may happen!

As well as this, I will be using social media for greater awareness and using our textiles Facebook page to each day include an interesting, yet shocking facts about the fashion and textiles industry, to engage more of an interest for ethical, sustainable textiles. I will also be including these facts on the chalk board that is in the entrance of the art and design building to extend to other than just textiles.

This video includes quotes and facts on the fashion, some of the ones I included are below. I did feel that I could go on forever with including more and more information about this but I wanted to keep it snappy and effective.

New ideas

As I am slightly gutted about not arranging a fashion revolution social, I have been thinking about how I can create awareness for this week and the weeks to come and perhaps make more people aware about this position next year.

I will instead be making a short video that can be played in the heartspace on repeat for the week. I think this will be just as effective because I will be able to include all the facts I have researched already and would’t have to directly involve anyone as well as not costing any money. Enough people at some point that week will learn something new about the fashion revolution week due to my video being in the centre of the art and design building – the heartspace.

I will also include a step by step guide of how and what to include when emailing companies, who made my clothes? These will be in the area of the heartspace on the tables for people to pick up and take home and write to their favourite brand. As well as kerienes talk on the Friday about the collapse of the Rana Plaza, I am still positive that this week will enough raise awareness.

Hopefully my interest in this week will encourage people to take on the role next year and the year after!

Plans for fashion rev week

Being a student ambassador has allowed me to speak to other fashion rev students across the country and get tips on how I could kick to start the week off and as I am on my own I am thinking about what I could do that will be effective but won’t interrupt my work for the final degree show.

At first I was thinking of arranging a social event, gathering people for drinks, design quizzes on what company is most sustainable and leave people with a booklet that would be a step by step guide in asking companies/brands who made my clothes? However the week is fast approaching and with a social event including all of these things, it would cost me money, I could charge for this social event but considering how hard it was to get  a group of people together in the beginning and form a team, I am worried I would leave myself out of pocket, let alone make a profit to donate to fashion rev.

This has all taken up a lot of my time already, researching into quizzes, facts etc and it is beginning to effect my field work, finding that I am falling behind. So I unfortunately won’t be continuing the social event. I am to say the least gutted as it is something I am very interested in, I only wish I had found out about this position a lot sooner.


First initial meeting

With the help of Keireine I have been sending emails to L4 and L5 to arrange a meeting for any  ideas and plans for the fashion revolution week.

Today was the first day that I’d planned to arrange something with everyone, unfortunately no one had turned up, which to a certain extent you could say I was disheartened because Its something I wanted everyone to be interested in but none the less I will still plan events with the help of Keireine and get a fews things together for the 24th April. I’m not sure how successful these things will turn out with just a 1 man team but I’m still determined to put on at least two events for that week.

Student Ambassador – Fashion rev

After watching the documentary the true costs I decided that I would like to take on the role of a student ambassador for fashion revolution week. I’ve always known briefly about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry but I only recently found out more on international women’s day. Since watching the documentary I feel as if not that many people are aware or are have much of an understanding, so I have taken on this role to ensure that I can help raise more awareness.

As I am a third year I have a constant long to do list, so I will be beginning my mornings slightly early to ensure I can dedicate at least an hour to planning and coming up with ideas for the week. I have so far sent out an email to L4 and L5 to gain any interest for the week and look to have a short meeting with those that are interested and begin preparing for the fashion revolution week.

I am really excited about this, I am looking forward to planning events and becoming an ambassador, I will hopefully be able to raise more awareness about the fashion revolution week, sustainable textiles and the working conditions in the fashion supply chain.