Dye and print preparation

After my visit with Nigel today I got my design printed onto A0 ready to print. This again was something I was apprehensive about because I have been used to working to a standard size so to increase my design to such a large scale is slightly overwhelming. Working out measurements for the right size paper to fit the screen and fabric was something I never predicted I would be doing.

My plan today was to make sure that everything is clean and dyed ready to get printing tomorrow. However cleaning the tables took a lot longer than anticipated. I think the preparation for this is going to take a lot longer than the actual print. As well as cleaning the tables my dye bath to do my fabrics did come out the right colour this was because add change the ratio of water to dye, so this took more time to ensure this was right. However with an early start tomorrow I think I will be able to finish of preparing the tables and start at least my first layer.


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