Building the show has been an experience to say the least, without my buddy everything would have been ten times harder, from getting my mesh grid straight, to displaying my fabric samples, it defiantly required more than one person to set it up.


The hardest part with displaying these samples were stylising them because of the size they had the tendency to hang like ties and the last thing I wanted was people thinking that I had create a collection of ties. Eventually as a team we got them looking good and opted for displaying them in different ways to give a varied effect. Some were pleated, some were poked through the reverse of the grid, some were knotted and hung.


We experimented with having them all cluttered and close together to separating them. We opted for having them slightly apart, to let the collection breathe especially considering a lot of the prints were bold.


By pleating them we were able to get the design to fit in nicely within the mesh grid. This  has been a tedious task, its one of those things you can continue doing over and over again, something will always look out of place.

The last thing I need to do is the finishing touches, including my sticker with my name and logo. I think this will complete the space and tie it all in together, I was worried about a lot of white space but with this sticker I think it will draw your eyes to the designs and name, its exciting, this will officially be putting my stamp on things and claiming my designs and products.


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