British Fashion Council

I have been fortunate enough to be in the position where my portfolio can be taken to the British fashion council and with the skills I have since learn’t from Nada, Irene, my buddy etc I have put them into a couple of pages. I’m not so sure I will stand a chance there simply because the other students attending are in the fashion framed mind and have had three years worth of experience, however I don’t think my portfolio could be in any better hands than Irene and Beth.

I managed to keep my pages simple, containing only how I envisage my prints on a fashion and my influences because I wanted my prints (as did Beth and Irene) to do al the talking.  On these pages, next to the drawing/design would include the fabrics.

Below I have included the portfolio pages.




knitwear port

I’m pleased with these pages. I founded that I’m better at continuous line drawing than I had thought, to draw these was something I was always worried about, so I simply embraced the fact that I can not draw and as soon as I did that, it came naturally, finding that this works with my style. Trying to draw neat and pristine lines is not me.

I found this enjoyable to complete since most recently finding that my designs have a fashion market as well as interiors, so it almost seem achievable. I wish I could of dedicated more time to this, however this is just the beginning and a portfolio is always work in progress, without this opportunity and the influences of Irene, I’m not so sure I would be as enthusiastic about creating a portfolio like this, but now I’m ready to develop this within the next up and coming weeks for New Designers. So I really do appreciate this opportunity for multiple of reasons.


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