Two down, one to go

Now both colour palettes are completed, I needed to begin with my third alternative colour palette. I found this one most difficult because I just couldn’t decide on any complete different colours that would work together as a whole. After some inspiration from WGSN I went for ‘off beat’ colours because I wanted to work with colours I knew I never work with and that was lilac and yellow.

Throughout this project I have struggled working with the colour yellow, I find it intimidating if it is the wrong shade, however with this colour palette works. I predominately worked with the teal in this colour palette because I found it was a good base colour to help tye in the yellow and lilac, any other experimentation with the colour combination and it clashed  (see technical file).



After a struggle of finding a tasteful alternative colour palette, I got there in the end! The lilac was a good addition and feel like I have grown with the colour yellow as I have successfully managed to dye a subtle shade of yellow and incorporate it to my prints.


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