Mid week update

We are now approaching our deadline quickly and I can safely say my buddy has been great! I’m sure she has learn’t a few things from me on the way about what to do for next year but I have equally learn’t things from her as well. Today we managed to have a CAD visual session. I have successfully been able to create some realistic CAD visuals. This has lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders because it has always been something I have been worried about because I always felt like I don’t have the skills to show how my designs can work and work well.

This has been incredibly useful for future visuals because its all well in good having great designs but people always want to see how they work and if they don’t work well that could have an impact on my prints. So I am incredibly thankful for today!

Below are a couple of the CAD visuals created so far!

With these CAD visuals and the models I feel as if I have successfully met my overall theme and worked to create an urban trend suitable for highstreet fashion retailers and will continue to showcase this.

Most recently I can see a market within designs for high street, originally I was set on interiors but as I have developed I can see how they can both work, especially after seeing my chair upholstered and due to this I don’t necessarily see myself as either a interiors or fashion designer, but a surface pattern and print designer.


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