Alternative colour palette – The thinker

For my second alternative colour palette I used the thinker as my inspiration because it was a good way to keep my urban city theme, yet still apply to a wider market. I am pleased with this alternative colour because of the colours, its a lot more feminine and that has come through with my skills in dying fabrics, I have been able to hit just the right shade of colour.


The collection gives a sunset vibe with because the colour palette almost works as a gradient working from a deep red up to light blue. I have enjoyed working in a different colour palette because its been something new to focus on, working with the same colour palette can become a bit tedious but with a new colour palette its been fresh and rekindled my love for dyeing fabrics, mixing up colours and seeing fabrics come to life with prints.


Above are my devore pieces, which have all been finished with headers, that will be stored in a small portfolio. They have been completed with my logo on top as a reference to the designer of the collection.


Using headers for my current colour palette is not necessary due to the way I am displaying my work, however with these they have headers to show how they can be used in a professional way for interviews/portfolios etc. I think the logo on the header make appear lot more professional than without because I am beginning to label myself as a designer and with that comes respect and professionalism.




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