Buddy week

It has been the first week of buddy week and I am feeling blessed to have such a great buddy. She’s been super helpful in getting the little bits done, having Tori as buddy has allowed me to focus on getting the rest of my collection together, printing final bits for press packs to printing swatches for my fashion portfolio without her help I’m sure I’d be 100 times more stressed.

Things I am now worried about is actually getting the show up, I’m constantly asking myself, is that right? is this ok? I do not have a clue when it comes to screwing things in to the wall, I don’t feel as if I’m at a good place because I can’t see my show looking amazing and with the deadline on Friday I can’t help but feel sick. I don’t want my walls to look empty and bare. Keireine had mentioned a small tutorial on Monday about our show spaces, so this will be a well needed tutorial, with someone who’s helped with many degree shows, I’m sure by the end Monday I will be feeling a lot better about my space.


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