Alternative colour – busy bee wrap


To work alongside my alternative colour coordinates, I worked on my key design. The busy bee wrap and this took a lot longer than I had anticipated because I had merged all my layers together it made it harder to amend them at a later date. Something I will now not being doing for the future because once something is merged and saved there is no editing it again. However I got there in the end and played around with new colours.

Admittedly I still prefer the original I feel as if it shows my style as a designer and the colours are a lot more bold and fun. However with that in mind not everyone will appreciate that colour palette so it was good to experiment bringing in more colours to the design and used more earthy tonal colours instead but I kept the black as it needed something to lift it and enhance the wrap all together.

final alternative colour wrap

Above is my final colour way for this palette. I’ve kept with the unrefined lines and the textures because without them it doesn’t have my style on the wrap. However I have enlarged some of the bees to give it that ‘busy bee’ theme.



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