Making products

Today was a dedicated day to making my three cushions. It was a stressful day to say the least, especially as it was my first time piping but with a bit of guidance I managed to get them done. The biggest worry for these products was printing the fabric to make the cushions because they are larger than your average size cushion. I really do feel like I pushed myself with this because I had to ensure my pattern would repeat on a large scale and then I had to print them on both sides.

At first when these patterns were printed I didn’t think very much of them because it just looked like another pattern and could not really visualise them as cushions, especially as I changed up the colours so they would coordinate with my chair. However, after a completing my cushions the patterns seem to come to life.

I am getting to that point now where I am getting a little tired of seeing my same prints and patterns and just want to keep on developing and brining in new designs that will work well, however with the deadline next week, this is not really ideal, I think with whatever collection you could forever continue designing but for now it’ll will come to a stop, however I will continue to print more designs for new designers.


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