Alternative fabric printing

As previously mentioned that I was going to experiment printing onto Jersey for my fashion portfolio, I continued with this experiment and found that it was ok. It worked, it wasn’t as complicated as I originally thought it was going to be, however, the dyed colour  in the orange was not as bright as the cotton poplin, but as I continued to experiment with other fabrics, the denim in particular worked well, the orange was nicely bright, the brighter the fabrics the more of an urban style I was able create and for that reason I will be taking this fabric swatch into my portfolio and will illustrate this as a denim jacket.

I also mentioned experimented with moleskin and found that although the textures are nice, the colour didn’t take as well as the denim. I am super excited for this fashion portfolio because I’m excited to put my designs further into a different outcome. Again I feel like I could continue forever to experiment my designs in different outcomes.. in lifestyle as well as fashion and interiors. Visualising my designs in different outcomes, is making it hard for me to decide what kind of designer I am.


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