After day one of fashion revolution week I found that all the leaflets I put on the tables had gone. I can only hope that everyone had an interest in them and took them all, however I don’t feel as if this was the case. I have a feeling that they were moved on and disregarded as the women in the box cafe had told me to put them on selected tables because they were annoying. Which I suppose to a certain extent is true, I’m sure it all does add up into a pile at the end of the week but I had made a point about clearing it up at the end of the week and she still was unimpressed.

I felt a little deflated because I couldn’t get a team together and what I did manage to do on my own feels as if it was pushed aside. Its always a little disheartening that with something thats so important could be regarded as annoying, I only wanted to create an awareness about an important topic. However none the less, Anna was a great help with getting the video up and letting me use the chalkboard for short, yet interesting facts! And my Instagram post was a hit and some of the other girls in our year helped share links and posters on social media to appeal to a wider audience so I am thankful for that.

My Instagram post was just a photo of what I did towards a more transparent fashion and textiles. I had emailed Zara asking who made my clothes? Hopefully, this post also informed more people about who and what fashion revolution is!



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