Graffiti Inspirations

Inspirations for my urban streets theme have been varied from smog/pollution to architecture but one particular inspiration has been graffiti. I like the fluidity in the writing, I think its really effective and is always associated with an urban city. I didn’t want to directly copy this style because I wanted my style to be apparent and therefore took inspiration from the fluidity rather than the direct writing and style. I continued with oil pastel mark making to link in with the other of my designs and I am pleased with the outcome because I think you can still see my inspiration without it being too obvious.


I have experimented printing this design in other colours within my palette but have decided that the navy and orange was the best option because I needed to continue with some more orange before there was an overload of grey. With previous prints in the navy and orange I didn’t think they worked as well because the navy print looked almost black, however with this particular design I think it works because the pattern lines are thin and it doesn’t over power the design as a whole.

Below is another image of how this design works well with other designs and helps create a collection. This image also shows how the selection of navy and orange is a good choice to work with the collection.



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