Business card and postcards

My business cards and postcards have arrived. My business cards are really professional and I think they show what I am all about as designer with the textures and marks made. The black and white is really effective. The imagery on the postcards don’t work as well as I had wanted, I also think that the overall design doesn’t compliment my work, however it was voted the highest so I had to go with it, but as a whole they look really good, the design is clean and contemporary, I think this year as a group we have smashed it with the sponsor, the design and overall planning for the degree show. Big thanks to Daniella’s dad to getting this all sorted for us.

The next step with these cards is to get my press packs together, I have decided to make my own press packs, after ordering some plastic folders they are so uninspiring and as pattern designer this should come through in every possible element and I equally think that this has the potential to stand out, I don’t want a clear plastic wallet to get lost in other admin documents and files.


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