Another day another print

In Easter break I got the last few designs ‘print ready’ and today was the day I got them all printed. I am pleased with the outcome to continue further with the oil pastel designs was a good idea because it works well with my nuts and bolts design. In a previous post I had mentioned that the oil pastel design was the strongest, which I still believe from prints today, however the geometric print worked a lot better than anticipated.

Above are the new designs, I like them because it has helped separate from the coordinating designs now making it more of a collection. I really like the ‘funk’ that they bring to the collection, I think it makes it suitable for young professionals with the almost illusional patterns because it’s bright and cheerful.

Originally I was worried about the grey in my collection however, I’ve began to ring in more blue so I feel like it’s combining better. This to a certain extent has been hard to do this because grey has been a comfort colour and I found it works well in everything but it equally works well in my collection. Perhaps this is just my style and my go to colour, so I’m going to embrace it!

As well as my circle design printed, I also printed more oil pastel designs. I was worried the two wouldn’t mix as well but they are a good edition to my collection. The alternative styles in design have created mini sub collections, this was suggested in a tutorial before Easter and it is made my life easier because I have been able to pair them up and get to my final collection.




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