Label designing

As I have included products for my exhibition, I’ve decided to think one step ahead and design labels for these products. This would be good for the future, if  I am to continue on with this theme and work for myself, in setting up my business, this also could be useful for the exhibition in new designers. You never know who you might attract.

design labels

Above are a few logos that I began to design, I continued with the oil pastels because it ties in nicely with the patterns and marks on my final designs and I am more than pleased with the outcome, I like the logos especially because my handwriting and textures used helps to create a style that is suitable for young professionals.

label desigsn

Above I experimented with the logo on the front and back. I have found that this works well and it is effective with the background mark making texture. On the back would be where I would include the price.

I have also included my name logo on the back so you can instantly associate the brand with my name, which is important as a designer, I want my work to come back to me and my name.

label design 4

Above I experimented combining two of my logos as an alternative design. I am happy with this design as I have found that they are both just as effective. Designing labels such as this gets me excited because I can begin to see things come together, I can see a collection, perhaps a brand. I can see my style really coming through into other areas other than just fabrics and I really feel as if i’m beginning to find an identity in design.

Next steps for the labels are to print these out and price up products using the notes and guidance from the ever so useful costing professional practice lecture.


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