Fashion Rev Video

fashion rev video

Fashion Revolution begins Monday and In preparation I have been creating a small video that will be played in the heart space and have attached the vide to this post for you to view. I have enjoyed creating this small clip because the video highlights the not so pretty side to textiles and fashion and I am genuinely excited for people to find out more because I just know how shocked people will be about the facts behind the scenes of the clothes we buy. Doing this video has got me excited about the conversations that may happen!

As well as this, I will be using social media for greater awareness and using our textiles Facebook page to each day include an interesting, yet shocking facts about the fashion and textiles industry, to engage more of an interest for ethical, sustainable textiles. I will also be including these facts on the chalk board that is in the entrance of the art and design building to extend to other than just textiles.

This video includes quotes and facts on the fashion, some of the ones I included are below. I did feel that I could go on forever with including more and more information about this but I wanted to keep it snappy and effective.


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