New and updated moodboards

Throughout the journey of this project naturally I have begun to develop to my designs, style and ideas. So in light of that and my portfolio I have redesigned these boards. To make the boards significant to my style, I have carried through my mark making into the pages.

This time round have included text to work alongside the imagery and as quick reference about my influences.  The only thing different about the boards is the colour, I have chosen to disregard the yellow all together finding that I couldn’t get the right tone, finding that it was too bright for a collection based around urban streets in London, especially considering that I wanted to focus primarily on the gritty, smog like areas of a city.

The next thing that changed throughout this project was my market competitors. Laura Slater, remained the same because of the mark making and textures carried through to printed design. My new competitor, kirk by design since my trip to chelsea design show. Finding that they seemed to be a likely comparison with their collections inspired by London.


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