Seed Packaging

The next thing I wanted to develop in my bee mindful project was the seeds. I have since been researching into what I would like my seed packets to look like. I have decided on a fabric bag with a small header, with information on what to do with the seeds in the bag.

Above are a collection of the designs I have done for the headers, one in my alternative colour palette and the other set in my original colour palette. The idea behind this was to have a few different designs so each card would have a different designed seed packet in.

I enjoyed researching into packaging, it was good to see how this can be applied and as a textiles designer, this was defiantly a new route for me. These designs allowed me to look at my designs in a different light and see how they can be used for packaging. The yellow is my favourite because it has the most impact, but with the envelope already in yellow,  I decided to go the black dots. The blue I found made the writing hard to understand and with it being toned down it does not give the same impact.

Next I will sample the seed bags ready for the card!


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