Plans for fashion rev week

Being a student ambassador has allowed me to speak to other fashion rev students across the country and get tips on how I could kick to start the week off and as I am on my own I am thinking about what I could do that will be effective but won’t interrupt my work for the final degree show.

At first I was thinking of arranging a social event, gathering people for drinks, design quizzes on what company is most sustainable and leave people with a booklet that would be a step by step guide in asking companies/brands who made my clothes? However the week is fast approaching and with a social event including all of these things, it would cost me money, I could charge for this social event but considering how hard it was to get  a group of people together in the beginning and form a team, I am worried I would leave myself out of pocket, let alone make a profit to donate to fashion rev.

This has all taken up a lot of my time already, researching into quizzes, facts etc and it is beginning to effect my field work, finding that I am falling behind. So I unfortunately won’t be continuing the social event. I am to say the least gutted as it is something I am very interested in, I only wish I had found out about this position a lot sooner.



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