New ideas

As I am slightly gutted about not arranging a fashion revolution social, I have been thinking about how I can create awareness for this week and the weeks to come and perhaps make more people aware about this position next year.

I will instead be making a short video that can be played in the heartspace on repeat for the week. I think this will be just as effective because I will be able to include all the facts I have researched already and would’t have to directly involve anyone as well as not costing any money. Enough people at some point that week will learn something new about the fashion revolution week due to my video being in the centre of the art and design building – the heartspace.

I will also include a step by step guide of how and what to include when emailing companies, who made my clothes? These will be in the area of the heartspace on the tables for people to pick up and take home and write to their favourite brand. As well as kerienes talk on the Friday about the collapse of the Rana Plaza, I am still positive that this week will enough raise awareness.

Hopefully my interest in this week will encourage people to take on the role next year and the year after!


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