Final card design

With my card finalised, today I spent the time printing these off. The difficulty I had was getting the inside of my card attached to the base, I was unsure how I was going to this, but after a little bit of thinking, the best decision was to attach it with small stitches.

I am pleased with how my cards have turned out, the yellow envelope really does have an effect on the design as a whole. If this was to be blue or red, it wouldn’t have the same impact because they are not as bright. The inside of the card I believe is the most successful because this is where the most information is held informing people the effect bees have on us and hopefully encourage people to plant the seed packets inside.

The thing that worries about me with this card is the front, I worry that it needs something more, so I am thinking about adding some gold foil just to the outline of the honeycomb. The gold foil would compliment the yellow envelope well and wouldn’t take away from he impact of the black and white. With the gold working well previously, I’m sure this will only develop the card.


I did experiment with a double sided envelope with a light honeycomb pattern inside, however with the same print on the outside and inside of the card, I decided that this was an overload of hexagon and figured the plain option would be most successful.


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