Business Cards

Part of my easter plan was to begin my press packs and with the postcards already done and completed, I decided to start with my business cards. This took a lot longer than I had planned, expecting only an afternoon, I found it hard to represent myself as a designer in one small business card and there were so many potential layouts you could have, finding myself playing around for hours rather than just committing to one design. To address this problem of representing myself in one card, I opted for two designs.

I reached this decision for these two business cards on the basis of our previous professional practice. It was noted that white space is always useful for jotting down numbers or any additional information, hence why the white space. I also think the black and white style is effective and keeps it clean and contemporary without it looking to corporate.

As well as the decision to include white, my trip to new designers last year influenced my
decision to leave space for IMG_5306stickers to put on the card, anyone who has an interest can find you and your stand again. To have a white space and have these stickers would mean it wouldn’t distract from my design on the back.

For my designs on the back, I took these from initial drawings in my sketchbook, finding that  texture and mark making represents me best as a designer, at having it in black out allows me to continue to use these after the degree show without any distinct attachment to anything in particular.


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