Fashion fabric substrates

With my bags of love order here I was able to see my fabric test samples for my fashion portfolio. Below are photos of my key design inspired by nuts and bolts in the three alternative substrates chosen in mind of a menswear collection.

Out of them all, the most successful was the vintage sweat (design in the middle) because it has texture within the fabric which lifts the design and holds on to the texture in the design itself, in comparison to the others I feel as if the design becomes flat through digital printing. Although this is the case it was a good trial and error because I was able to see my designs in other substrates and begin to picture my designs in a fashion outcome, for example the vintage sweat working well in a lightweight jumper. So if I was to carry these out, the vintage sweat would be most successful because it is best suited to a product.

Likewise the other designs I experimented with using digital were unsuccessful, they were flat and I lost all the texture in the design. This was a little disheartening because this would have been a quick fix to getting my designs on fabrics for an alternative outcome without dying them and printing them by hand, however it really has made me realise that screen printing is the better option for me and my style in design.

With these designs above the colour grey did not work so well, once digitally printed what was a grey has now a yellowy tinge. This is not in my colour palette so therefore these will not be carried out through to my portfolio. The same is for the designs in the photo below.


However due to this I have decided to order some fabric swatches from Whaleys to get a feel of the jersey, these are ready for printing so in actual fact my first worry about screen printing on to jersey may be resolved. Perhaps this a little late in the game, but as I only need small swatches to go along side in my fashion portfolio this shouldn’t take up too much time, especially considering that my screens are all ready with my designs.

I have found that the recycled Gaia fabric was too hard for a shirt material, as great as this would be for sustainable purposes I have decided the practicality of it for this very product does not work. A shirt needs to have movement and comfort. So for this alternative I have ordered a moleskin swatch because it gives that soft feel (again comparing it to my inspiration of a flannel shirt) and it has more practicality with movement and shape.


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