Digital repeat samples

I sent off for my newly edited photographic repeats of buildings to bags of love, after finding that the first time they were too light, making the designs look limp because they were in too much of a greyscale. So since making them darker and experimenting on new substrates I have found that the velvet shimmer and the poly georgette works best in these designs.

The velvet shimmer works best because of the luxury finish it has, it makes the design more defined and with more of a heavy weight it makes it suitable for my collection. At the moment my collection only has lightweight fabrics, I think their is room for something slightly heavier to help extend the collection to potential cushions, curtains or chairs/sofas.

As well as these working well on the velvet shimmer, since the editing of the design they have also worked better the designs are no longer lifeless because they have been made darker and have got rid of that newspaper grey that they once were.


Above are the designs on the poly georgette. I like the designs on these fabrics because of the movement, I like how the design is slightly gritty but can still remain elegant because of the choice in fabric and can’t help imagine these in womenswear, in a nice shirt, i’m thinking all saints would be a good market. However, with my degree show collection already and my other fabric substrates that I have such as the silk satin and the organdie they aren’t necessarily needed, however I have to note that the design was more successful on the poly georgette than on the organdie, I can actually see the design more clearly.

As well as the velvet shimmer and georgette, I had them printed on a satin as in my tutorials the mention of a silk would also extend the collection. However similar to the georgette I didn’t feel it was best suited with the other substrates and in comparison to the velvet shimmer, the velvet shimmer was the winner. The slight sheen that is within the fabric took away from the grit like textures.

Now that I am pleased with the designs and have selected the final fabric, the final samples will be sent off to printed.  I can’t wait, I can sense some stability on its way, my collection is coming together.


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