Degree show thinking

The degree show is fast approaching and I am beginning to think about how/what I want in my space. I am certain about the chair and cushions being made as products but how I am displaying my samples Is proving a little difficult for me. My two options are to have them on a rail or to display my samples hanging off a mesh grid.

I like the idea of using the mesh grid because its different to how I have seen designs displayed, for example chelsea design show. I really think that this would work with my theme especially in comparison to being displayed on a rail, simply because my designs are not pristine they have a bit of an edge to them, to use a rail this could be slightly corporate for my designs.  So I have since been playing with a mesh grid.


My worry with using a mesh grid is that it will fill up quickly with the 20-30 designs that will be within my collection and I do not want it to look like I’ve pinned up my designs up in a clutter. It needs to spacious. I also worry about how each fabric will hang, some are light weight and will hang better than the heavier weight fabrics. As well as both of these concerns my next is headers. I don’t necessarily want to include headers because I think these are slightly dated and takes away from the design, but I can completely understand that a design needs to have a my logo and processes used on the back to help identify what is what. To have the rail would allow me to include the headers but I’m not sure this suitable for my theme and overall approach.


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