More designing…

One thing that was mentioned in the last tutorial was that I needed to continue with more designs as my collection so far is not enough. So with some of my samples ready to go into the degree show I began to design that will work with those. Today has been a good day I have managed to get few designs that I am pleased with and with a little break away from designing it has allowed me to produce better designs.

I have continued with designing geometrics because I have found this easier than working with perspectives and have found that this style really gives an urban touch. My inspiration for this geometric design has come from the outlines of the tops of buildings, by using this is as my inspiration it gives that sharp blunt edges working well with my urban theme.

Once completed a few geometric designs which are now ready for screen printing. I went back to mark making. At the beginning I found that I had a lot of co ordinating designs and not enough key designs, now I am at the opposite. To go back to mark making I was able to get a good balance.

I had so far throughout been using oil pastel as my key way of creating texture. Today I decided to switch it up and experiment with gouche paints. I have enjoyed working with this media because it has allowed me to produce the gritty aspects within the city.

Using the colour black has enhanced the intricate features left behind from the brushes, giving the design the maximum effect. I think this colour works best because it helps represent the gritty side of urban streets/cities and its good for creating an impact.

With some of these textures I developed them into a design to add my collection. The design created below has been sent to bags of love and will be printed onto a few fabrics to introduce new substrates to my collection. As my collection is dark I have decided to go for a silk satin and velvet shimmer as I think this would help with intensifying the designs. I have also experimented on using a poly georgette as an alternative to the organza as last time the designs were not very bold, with the georgette you can see the details of the design and the fabric remains light, perfect for netting/window dressing.

mark making des


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