Alternative fabric substrates

For my fashion portfolio that I will be creating over the easter holidays I have begun to consider alternative fabric substrates because the fabrics I am using for my interiors degree show will not necessarily be suitable for a fashion outcome.

So as its menswear I have been thinking of heavy weight fabrics, such as jerseys. With this in mind I have come across a problem in that because my designs are screen printed, screen printing on to a jersey will be considerable hard due to the stretch in it. So i have turned to bags of love. I have scanned in my designs and sent them to bags of love. The fabrics chosen are, Gaia eco woven for a flannel feel, ideal for a shirt. quilted jersey for jumpers/jackets and a vintage sweat which is ideal for jumpers.

I am unsure if this is going to work but I thought this was a good experiment because I will be able to create the same level of texture that I have created in screen printing and continue to carry that through to alternative collections, in this case menswear.


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