Chair upholster

For some time I’ve been searching for the right chair to upholster, its taken time but I have found the perfect chair. I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t find the right one and perhaps I’d have to buy one new and this was something I did not want to do because I wanted to remain sustainable and work along side my research by using something old and bringing it to life.

I have gone for a retro style chair from the 70s which I managed to buy second hand.  I feel as this works best with my overall urban like theme, anything older has a different character and the last thing I want is mixed signals with my designs.

I have also found a chair upholster, Nigel, who has given me a lot of help and guidance into making sure this is possible and what I need to do next to make sure this will work well. Working out the measurements to ensure I have enough fabric proved difficult as maths is not my strong point but we managed to get this sorted, so far there has been a lot of things with this chair that I really did not anticipate or predict, measurements being one of them. We had also discussed the fabric I was using, originally I wanted to use the cotton poplin because it held its colour best, however we had said that it was too thin to upholster a chair, at first I was a little gutted but I had been dying other fabrics such as the cotton drill for this reason, something that was heavier to stretch and fit with  a chair. It is also important to have this fabric because it will last longer on the chair.

Nigel and I have set a deadline to get this chair upholstered so that I can continue to work on the rest of my collection and designs, with this deadline in place I can begin to prioritise what needs to be done. I have however had to switch a few things to enable me to get this chair sorted, so my plans for this week are slightly different to what they first were. Next on the list is to dye and prepare my fabrics ready to print.


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