Sticker for cards

Now my card is virtually finished I’ve most recently been thinking about how I can let people know what my card contains. I want to include wildflower seeds to coincide with my bee mindful collection to not only help raise awareness but to help with the decline in bees. So to ensure that my card can help this, it needs to advertise what is inside and I have decided to do this with stickers.

Below are designs that I have so far been experimenting with for stickers. I didn’t want to over complicate the design with too much pattern because I wanted it to be easy to understand. So for now I have ruled out the design with spots in the background for that reason. I experimented with using the colours within my palette, my envelope was already yellow and I didn’t want to overuse this colour. I found that the the blue worked best in terms of still being able to read the writing. I also played around with bringing in a honey like orange colour to represent a bees honey. I think this makes a good alternative because its easy to read and still links in with my honey bee theme. sticker design 1 s

With the rectangle style stickers these would be placed over the top of the cards packaging in the left or right hand corner. On the front of the card it says whats on the inside of the card and on the back of the stickers I have signed with my name and logo. This is my way of branding and how my card can be related back to me if picked up. However with my name on the back of the card itself printed I’m not so sure this would be necessary, but it was good experimentation of  how my name/logo can be used in other ways.



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