Professional Practice – KC

Todays professional practice was with Keireine it was almost a refresher from first year about all of keireines research into weaving, what I particularly loved about was hearing the friendship that she has built over the years with the other weavers and the connections created within other areas of research. I also enjoyed hearing about the creation of looms and found it fascinating how this one loom almost covered the whole kitchen. It was great to see someone else’s journey and the time and patience that goes into the research and weaving itself. Its a shame its dying out as I think it is defiantly something people appreciate without realising, but perhaps that is it people don’t necessarily want to understand and appreciate it.

Today I was able to compare the facilities we have and how perhaps we take these things for granted by comparing what we have to what other people have. I think the story of how these products are made are more important than the product because someones journey and process of making this has been careful thoughtful.

Naturally I compared and could see how far advanced the equipment is that we have here in the UK and to a certain extent its good in terms in getting things done, however at the same time it allowed me to reflect on the implications within the textiles and fashion industry because we are so far in advanced and things are getting done quicker, nothing we make necessarily has a sentimental value like these weavers.


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