Professional Practice – Es George

Todays professional practice was all about CV writing and preparation for the working/designing life outside of uni and it hit home for the first 15 minutes. I panicked about what I would put on my CV, will I be employable? and how can I sell myself as a good designer. As the presentation went on I found myself relaxing and made many notes that I can take forward into next term for when it comes to writing a good solid CV for potential employers.

Things to take forward:

  • short and sweet sentences
  • give examples of how I have collaborated
  • importance and prioritise the most relevant from work to education

I found this talk interesting and helpful, I didn’t feel like I was going to be completely abandoned after I graduate, there were lists and links that Es had given us that could help point us in the right direction for designing a CV and a list of links and websites of potential opportunities after I graduate. This is where I began to relax, I thought my opportunities were limited but in actual fact there are many routes to go down and explore that I didn’t see as a potential.

Also the percentage that only 20% don’t make it into designing was always reassuring, I just really hope I’m not in that 20%.


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