Professional Practice – Cement pleating

Shortly after the inc space we had a workshop with Jason from Ciment pleating, a company that remain the number 1 for all pleats and It was a great little workshop to see how all their lovely pleats are put into action and just how beautiful they look. It was good to see how a design idea develops into a final sample and then how that can be used for clothing. This was useful because I was able to see that the design processes I have learnt over the years are also used within the design industry, hopefully making my skills I have learnt valuable for work in the industry.

This was great insight to a working business in hearing all about the time that goes into designing/creating a new pleat and fold, It really puts it into perspective just how important time management is. Something like this requires thought and room for error when creating a fold that will then be repeated. This pushed me to consider my time management for my IG current project and projects in the future and understand just how important it is. I enjoyed hearing about how they would have to amend these for different materials and projects but I mostly loved being surrounded by beautiful, elegant fabric samples.


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