Photograph samples

After playing around with photos I took from London to create repeat patterns I most recently sent my samples off to bags of love. I found that the design looks far better on the screen. I’ve always known this about designing digitally and the complications that you can have with the designs on the screen but I didn’t quite believe it.


I’ve found that once printed on to the cotton poplin (this so the fabrics continue to marry with one another) the design has become flat and not as bold as they were on paper of on the screen leaving my designs looking very wishy washy. So these designs will be edited to ensure they are bolder.  I want to make sure that these are edited because Its almost as if there is another sub collection within my urban collection of designs, I think this is what will make my collection more appealing if there is just more than one style of design.

Amongst the cotton poplin I also had these designs printed on to organza for a light almost transparent design however because the design was so grey from a far the design was unrecognisable so for that this design on organza is unsuitable.


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