Formative Feedback – KC

Todays formative feedback was good I was given a good few pointers to move on with. Some that I already knew about, such as the designs expanding. So I will be continuing with this but I  will also need to be considering the final collection, my final samples.

That was my plan for this week however with a few delays this will have to follow through to next week in easter and have set myself the deadline to get my final designs screen printed by next week. So that when I get back from easter break that first week will be used to print my long lengths of fabric for my chair to be upholstered.

The other things I need to consider and take forward are CAD visuals, potential wallpaper designs and prints. The most important for now are more designs. I had mentioned about perspectives again and discussed how that the designs could be abstract and begin to incorporate my mark making elements into it. So this is another design idea I will begin to develop creating another sub collection.

Introducing sub collections has made this easy for me to manage because it breaks down what needs to be included and makes it seem a lot more easier to accomplish.


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