Another day another print

Today I spent my day in the print room printing my new geometric design. The design yesterday took a lot longer to design than it should of but my precision payed off, my prints worked well and the outlines were bold making it suitable for my design collection.


Above are a few of the samples I produced today, the print itself was successful however  the first print on the left was not. Printing this colour onto the navy back ground was a fail, the colours are not as anticipated. So this colour combination has been out ruled and have continued to experiment using the grey and orange. However because of this there is the potential problem of my design collection looking all the same with the same grey and orange colour composition.

I had a slight fear of introducing geometrics, I was worried it was not going to link in with my other key designs because of the mark making vs the straight blunt lines. However after pairing them up together they are beginning to work well with one other and my worry is no longer. The colours help to tie the collection together and the blunt lines help let the oil pastel marks breathe and the geometrics extend the design collection.


I have experimented again using the yellow and I am still unsure. I know I need to move on from this stage but I just know it needs another colour. However with a tutorial with Keireine we discussed this problem I am having and decided that perhaps it will only be a fraction of yellow that makes it into the collection. This is that it can separate the designs ever so slightly but the colour yellow does not dominate the collection too much.

I am pleased with how these designs have come out and they will be making it into my final collection, so thats another design ticked off my list. The patterns and colour combination really work well for a male fashion collection because it is fairly muted and have similar trends within high street stores such as urban outfitters. This is a trend is also something that I have researched into on WGSN interiors and menswear, so I am pleased that my designs are suitable for a interiors and menswear collection, something that Irene and I have spoken about previously.


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