Printing final designs

Thankfully the jet was up and running again today which means I could begin to print some of my final designs. I thought today was going to be a fairly good day and that I would get  a good handful of my designs  completed. However I managed to get one completed. This was because I began experimenting with the yellow fabric I brought to bring into my colour palette, so far I still don’t like it, the yellow looks as if it doesn’t fit and with the orange and yellow combination it reminds me (and paige) of the Mcdonalds logo, so this colour combination will not be included.


Following on from my mesh inspiration from my trip to London, I also experimented using devore. I firstly experimented with a small grid design and found that when screen printed the print bled and leaked into the other squares. To address this problem, I took the design back into photoshop to enlarge so the design would be more apparent. However once printed using the devore technique the squares were too big and it didn’t resemble the mesh grid inspiration. I quite literally have been on a rollercoaster with this design to find that the third time the squares were too small for the technique and like the original bled this time the fibres burned away to much of the design. So fourth time lucky I have made these bigger and will again be experimenting with the design. I feel like this is necessary for my designs because through my trips across London I constantly came to face with the mesh grid so it is necessary to be included because it helps represent my research and findings as to what an urban city looks like.



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