Including more designs

As  drawing perspectives has become more than a challenge for me, I decided to look into geometrics as another key design for my collection. I took inspiration from bridges finding a hexagon design that I then played around drawing my inspiration to then take into photoshop. I was determined to have another design completed by the end of today and it took a lot longer than it really should of. The complications I had were crazy. Using a fine liner made the lines too thin, using a wax crayon made the design too messy, using the line tool on photoshop was also too thin and using a pro marker bled leaving uneven points in my design. So I had to edit this using tools in photoshop to make it crisp and a defined geometric shape. I could not have a geometric design where the lines were uneven, geometrics are always crisp and bold so this was important I got this correct.

Eventually I got there and managed to create a design that was suitable for a screen and tomorrow I will experiment with this print. I figured it was important to make sure I got this right before I put it on to a screen to find out later that it was a flop. So in theory  did save myself some time, providing this turns out well tomorrow.

At this point I am starting to think that I have bitten off more than I can chew with wanting to screen print and dye my whole collection. This is incredibly time consuming and I always seem to find that I am either running out of dyed fabrics and have to dye a length of fabric again to print on and by then I have to prepare, coat and expose my screen for my designs which takes up another day.  Its hard to stay on top with this fast paced project.


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