Jet wash

With another day of the jet wash not working, I decided to use my day to continue with more designing and make more key designs to work with my coordinating designs. I found this really hard, my illustrations are not very good, which makes developing and designing complex patterns harder, the idea to draw and work with perspectives was brought up again and again I’ve experimented to find this is not possible for me, my mind simply does not allow me to draw in that way, its a lot harder than it looks. So because of this, I decided drawn perspectives will not make it within my collection and will use photoshop to manipulate my photos. I don’t want my designs to look as if I’ve tried something new, so I will continue with my strengths of mark making for my printed designs.

Today I managed to do a few new designs, not as much as I’d hoped but this was because I reached a design block I wasn’t predicting. This week I planned to get all my 20 samples screen printed but with the jet wash not working it is pulling me back, I have tried to expose and wash my screen out by hand, but within half an hour of scrubbing along with aching arms and shoulders my screen was not fully exposed which means my design would be faint, for my designs to be faint and flat is far from relevant for my collection, my collection needs to be crisp and bold.

Virtually my whole collection is screen printed so the jet wash is something I am heavily relient on and need this working tomorrow latest. My strengths are not on Photoshop or illustrator so for another day without the jet wash I’m going to be considerably worried about my collection of samples coming together.


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