Fashion portfolio

At the beginning of the year Irene mentioned taking my portfolio to the British fashion council and I was delighted, I really would love my portfolio to be there amongst many other great people. So since then I have been working on portfolio. At first I was worried about what I would include because I would so I am a surface print and pattern designer, so for me to begin fashion figures/illustrations is not something I’m going to be great at.

But after a few inspirational chats with Irene and Nada we decided to make it all about the prints and fabrics. Nada gave me a few great ideas for ways of incorporating my designs into fashion illustrations and have since been experimenting with that. This has been good because it has allowed me to see how my designs can be applied to a fashion as well as perhaps interiors. I was originally worried about visualising my designs on anything and now with this I can see my designs within a fashion outcome. Which is great because my style is contemporary and urban which works well in the fashion market for ages 23+ hopefully this will continue to come through in my portfolio.




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