Envelope design

As well as my card my envelope needed design developing. I previously experimented screen printing onto envelopes and that was not successful. The paint simply leaked through and it was a mess. So I since decided it would be best to continue with the designs digitally.

As my collection is full on and bold, I wanted my enveloped to be plain. Making the collection blend nicely.

Using the colour yellow makes this envelope obvious of what collection it is supposed to belong with as it works with the rest of my collection with my mark making gift wrap. It also  justifies the card not being as bold in colour because it defiantly makes up in the envelope.

The small print of the bee on the envelope is a small little touch just tie it all in together and to signify what the card is all about inside. I experiment with a light honeycomb print for the inside of the envelope because this is not something I usually see when buying an envelope. I think the honeycomb on the inside of the envelope is another touch to make a generic envelope more exciting. This works well because bees are mainly associated with honeycomb and this is why i decided on this pattern rather than any other marks/patterns I have made.


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