Card amendments

Having some time away from the IG project has been good because I can now see my project with fresh eyes which means I can develop my gift wrap collection for the better.

My first amendment is the card. The reason I would like to develop and amend this was because it was rather plain not giving the card full potential and it did not necessarily compliment with the whole collection. The placement of the yellow hexagon did not work with the space on the card, it looked cramped and rushed. So I therefore will start with amending the size of the card working with a generic size of A6.

The things I am looking to improve with my card is the size, space and the inside of the card. As my project was specifically all about raising awareness of the decline in bees. I decided it would be a good Idea to include some facts about bees to help with this. Not too many as I don’t to create a long winded list of statistics I want to leave room for the customer to write their personal notes.

bee card

Above is my newly developed card. The bottom is the front and back of the card. I firstly struggled to  include colour on the front finding that the colour was too graphic and bold but since playing with the dissolve effects on photoshop. I managed to included yellow without it being too graphic.

The back of the card includes my logo. I experimented many ways of designing my logo and researched into having a name and a logo/symbol. I knew I wanted my stamp on my products and designs so I thought what better way than using my name and my handwriting. By using my own handwriting it will naturally link in with my style and perhaps in the future my name will become recognised with my designs. However I did find it hard to design a specific symbol to coincide with name, I wanted something basic so that it could continue to work with my designs in the future but decided my name would be best suited because I like the personal ownership of my designs.

At the top is my inside of the card where I decided to incorporate a new colour within my palette. This was because I was struggling with having a card in black and white, it needed something else that would work with the rest of colour palette and lift the card design and grey worked best with this because it was neutral which means it could work with my bright bold palette.

Next I am looking into including stickers for the front of my cards packaging so that customers are aware of the seeds you can plant inside, this linking well with raising awareness for the decline in bees and hopefully encouraging more people to buy my card.


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