Student Ambassador – Fashion rev

After watching the documentary the true costs I decided that I would like to take on the role of a student ambassador for fashion revolution week. I’ve always known briefly about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry but I only recently found out more on international women’s day. Since watching the documentary I feel as if not that many people are aware or are have much of an understanding, so I have taken on this role to ensure that I can help raise more awareness.

As I am a third year I have a constant long to do list, so I will be beginning my mornings slightly early to ensure I can dedicate at least an hour to planning and coming up with ideas for the week. I have so far sent out an email to L4 and L5 to gain any interest for the week and look to have a short meeting with those that are interested and begin preparing for the fashion revolution week.

I am really excited about this, I am looking forward to planning events and becoming an ambassador, I will hopefully be able to raise more awareness about the fashion revolution week, sustainable textiles and the working conditions in the fashion supply chain.



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