Dye bath – alternative colour palette 1

Following on from my research for my first alternative colour palette of the thinker, I’ve  began my alternative colour palette in the dye room. Initially I began my dye baths for the adding in the extra colour for my main colour palette to help break up the dark tones. Almost as soon as possible I found that it was not going to work, my predication was right. By including the sand/beige colour my designs lost the contemporary feel. A tutorial with Keiriene also helped me address this problem, it was both agreed that this colour was not suitable but that the collection needed another colour. Agreeing that the yellow was best suited, but the right yellow and as I am unable to create the correct yellow I will be buying this fabric pre-dyed to ensure I have a colour that works.

However my time in the dye bath was not wasted. I found that the beige/sand colour created was suitable for my first alternative colour palette. This working well because it is a lot more neutral and toned down which corresponds with the sunset city vibe I am trying to create.

The difficulty I had trying to create the blue for my main colour palette also helped with my alternative colour palette. Originally I could only ever create light blues and never a dark navy blue. So today I returned back to my colour technical file to pick the most suited colour and I was able to complete another colour within my alternative colour palette.


This was a good day because I was able to tick something else off my list and with the jet wash still not working I was able to still use my time effectively. These fabrics are now ready for screen printing my designs on as well as including the grey to this alternative palette.

Today has worked out a lot better than I had thought purely because my experimentation of my main colour palette taking so long but I think this is because this time I am using a lighter palette, I have slightly more control in timings and I am able to predict a lot sooner whether the colour chosen is the right shade.


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