Digital weave

As part of my design collection I have always wanted to include the photos I have taken from my trips to London I think this gives a good insight into the places I’ve visited and instantly gives you that London Vibe.

I have been experimenting with how I can manipulate my photos to create patterns for my interiors collection. I  now want to try something different and put these on to a screen. Using my inspiration and market competitors of Kirkby design who I came across most recently, the collection textured weaves was a collection of designs I thought were most effective with the coloured blocks. However as I am not a weaver I looked into other ways I can recreate a similar effect with my style and my theme. IMG_4854.JPG

Using this photo I took it into photoshop and played around to create a weave. Cutting strips to develop from what was a photo into a pattern for interiors.

building weave

Once edited no longer can you tell it was once a photo of a building, instead it has created a weave like effect. I had absolutely no idea if this idea was going to work but it has turned out well because it is a way of still incorporating my  photographs from London but to manipulate them into patterns for an interiors collection.

Above is a sample of my screen printed experiments once the weave design had been edited and made darker for the screen printing process. I am pleased with how they designs have turned out leaving behind only lineal textures from the windows in the photo.

For what was a photograph the screen printed well, as photos do not expose well. I will continue with these experimentations and invert the design as a coordinate design.


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