Alternative Colour Palette

Todays task was to continue screen printing but unfortunately the jet was was broken so today I had to revisit my time table and swap my days over, so todays task now was to look into an alternative colour palette. As part of a design collection and as seen in design show rooms it is important to include alternative colour ways.

I knew I wanted to keep in with the same trend predication for A/W 18/19 so when researching in to WGSN I made sure that this was the place I was looking for. This was because I still wanted my colour palette to be relevant for the same time and that I hadn’t just chose a random colour palette, for a collection to be successful it has to work alongside trends. The chosen colour palette for my alternative colour ways is ‘The Thinker’ ¬† the colours will consist of pastel blue, deep red, greys and wood tones.

I also wanted to make sure that I chose a colour palette that would still work alongside my city theme and this colour palette does, the pastel colours giving it an evening/sunset vibe within the city. This makes a good alternative from my current palette as my current palette is a lot bold and brighter. Giving the client an alternative city interpretation if perhaps a bold colour palette is not for them.

Next will be to experiment with this colours in the dye baths to carry through to screen printing my designs on.


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